Wisconsin Forestry Practices Study

Posted by Fred Souba on 10/23/14 2:00 PM

Forest policies in Wisconsin have been evolving rapidly in recent decades. There has been much debate regarding the effects that changing policies have on current forest-based operations and potential future growth in Wisconsin’s forest products industry. Large, important information gaps exist regarding the costs and benefits of forest policies, regulations and guidelines in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin FY2014-2015 Budget included funding for a study of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) forestry and forest fire prevention practices. The Wisconsin Forestry Practices Study is intended to obtain research results that will help guide decisions and policy development for long-term capital investment in forest-based manufacturing industries while ensuring the conservation of biodiversity.

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Understanding Wood Supply

Posted by LeAndra Spicer on 10/22/14 4:16 PM

When it comes to securing sustainable wood supply, a thorough analysis of forest resources is the only way to truly understand what is available in a given wood basin. A heavily forested area can create the illusion that a region enjoys ample feedstock supply, yet not all trees visible to the eye are available for harvest.

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Southern Pine Lumber Exports to China Expand

Posted by Suz-Anne Kinney on 10/22/14 1:53 PM

Southern Pine lumber exports to China have increased 430 percent in the last five years, a result of a campaign conducted by the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) with funding from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service's (FAS) Market Access Program (MAP). SFPA used the funding to sponsor Southern Pine lumber exhibits at trade fairs and to translate technical product literature into Chinese.

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Domtar's PAPERbecause Campaign Event Wins Award

Posted by Suz-Anne Kinney on 10/16/14 4:58 PM

News out of the PPI Awards that the Bringing Paper to Life – Innovative Printing & Writing Campaign of the Year was given to Domtar for its Paper Fun Truck will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the company’s PAPERbecause campaign.

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Supply Chain Dynamics Affect Wood Feedstock Availability

Posted by LeAndra Spicer on 10/9/14 10:30 AM

Wood feedstock availability plays a major role in the success (or failure) of any venture that relies on wood raw materials, and the production of cellulosic biofuels is no exception. Determining how to deliver a consistent and sustainable amount of feedstock to supply a plant that will produce one million gallons of fuel per year is a complicated process.

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