Trends and Projections for Forest Product Exports from the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Hannah Jefferies

Seaborne exports are an important part of the forest products industry in the Pacific Northwest. The overwhelming majority (nearly 96 percent by weight) of seaborne exports of forest products[i] shipped via Pacific Northwest[ii] ports were destined for Asia (Figure 1). Of the remaining tonnage, 1.7 percent was exported to other North American countries, 1.0 percent to Australia/Oceania, 0.9 percent to South/Central America, 0.6 percent to Europe and 0.1 percent to Africa.

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Topics: Pacific Northwest Log Markets, forest product exports

US South Wood Fuel Prices: 1Q2016 Wrap-Up

Posted by Daniel Stuber


Wood fuel prices have decreased over the last three quarters to an average of $20.74 per ton in 1Q2016. The market is on a declining trend as prices for substitute energy sources (i.e. natural gas and electricity) have declined and recent supplies of wood fuel have increased. Purchasers have reacted opportunistically by decreasing delivered prices. 

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Topics: wood fuel prices

What Does It Take to Move Pulpwood from Western Russia to Scandinavia by Water?

Posted by Pete Stewart

As many of you know, Forest2Market recently started operating in Europe and western Russia. We have named the new product the Baltic Rim/Russia Timber Price Index, which basically covers Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland and western Russia. On a recent trip to western Russia, I visited with some of the new customers, as well as potential customers of the benchmark service, and of course learned some very interesting things about the regional market.

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Topics: Baltic Rim Timber Price Index, Russia Pulpwood Exports, Baltic Rim Fiber Benchmark

Housing Starts Dip in March; Southern Yellow Pine Prices Continue to Skyrocket

Posted by John Greene

As we ease into the warmer spring temperatures and the peak building season, housing starts data is beginning to equalize on a national level. We typically caution that it is important to remain grounded when monthly data presents us with significant swings, and March’s data is no different. On the heels of February’s improbable surge, housing starts dipped significantly in March as there were signs of a sharp economic slowdown and the US dollar (USD) lost strength.

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Topics: housing market update, southern yellow pine prices

Timber Price Movements in the US South during January/February 2016

Posted by Joe Clark

During the January/February 2016 period, pine stumpage prices rose throughout the US South while hardwood prices saw little movement. On a Southwide basis, pine sawtimber realized the biggest increase (+3.5 percent) rising to $26.42/ton. Pine chip-n-saw and pine pulpwood both ticked upward as well (+3 percent and +1.7 percent respectively) while hardwood sawtimber and pulpwood prices held steady (both <1 percent).

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Topics: timber prices, US south roundwood

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