Housing Market Data a Mixed Bag as Peak Season Comes to a Close

Posted by John Greene on September 22, 2016

The housing market held relatively steady as the summer months drew to a close. While August’s housing starts data was somewhat of a disappointment, other sector indices demonstrated more volatility. The market for new homes surged in recent months while existing home sales have demonstrated a slower, more stable performance despite uncertainty surrounding the upcoming elections and fears that any slight economic slowdown might curb market momentum. 

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CLT and Other Mass Timber Systems Gaining Ground in US

Posted by Hannah Jefferies on September 21, 2016

Natives and frequent fliers of Charlotte, North Carolina—home of Forest2Market’s global headquarters—will recognize “CLT” as the airport code for Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and a moniker that the city has adopted for itself. However, CLT also stands for cross-laminated timber, a type of mass timber engineered wood product first developed in the 1990s that is gaining prominence in a sustainability and climate-focused, post-Recession world. The forest products industry, timberland owners, rural communities, “green” builders and environmentalists all have reasons to be excited about CLT and other mass timber products.

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AFF Report Highlights Need for Wildlife Conservation in Southern Working Forests

Posted by John Greene on September 20, 2016

Permanently converting valuable forestland to neighborhoods and shopping malls, or allowing national forests to become dangerous tinderboxes of wildfire fuel are destructive patterns of land management. The beauty of working forests is that they prevent the “either/or” predicament from ever taking place if they are allowed to remain working forests. As we recently reported, working forests benefit us all and provide irreplaceable environmental, economic and public benefits on an enormous scale.

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North American Forest Partnership: Leveraging Common Ground for the ‘Forestry’ Brand

Posted by John Greene on September 19, 2016

Brand management best practices seemingly change overnight in the digital and social worlds, but there are timeless truisms that reflect basic human nature when attempting to connect the rational with the emotional. Establishing this connection is the #1 goal of marketers, yet many fall short because they overlook the fundamentals. In his 2003 book, The Brand Gap, author and brand strategist Marty Neumeier poses three enduring questions that have the power to bring high-level marketing and executive meetings to a screeching halt: 

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Forest Industry Performance: August 2016

Posted by Joe Clark on September 16, 2016

Forest industry performance in July and August was recently reported by both the US government and the Institute for Supply Management.

July was a positive month for sectors that produce physical goods. Total industrial production (IP) rose 0.7 percent—the largest advance for the index since November 2014. Manufacturing output also experienced its largest gain (0.5 percent) since July 2015. New orders rose by 1.9 percent in July, led by transportation equipment (+10.5 percent). Ex-transportation, orders were a more modest +0.2 percent, and still 4.7 percent below year-earlier levels (the 21st consecutive month of YoY declines). Business investment spending, although +1.5 percent MoM in July, has contracted on a YoY basis (-7.2 percent in July) during all but two months since December 2014.

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