Finnish Forestry Expansion: Increased Demand Affects Supply and Price

Posted by Suz-Anne Kinney

The most densely forested countries in Europe, Finland and Sweden—with their ideal growing conditions for conifers, easily workable and valuable tree species, good harvesting conditions and infrastructure and accessibility to major European markets—have a robust and prosperous forest products industry. In 2014, the countries were the largest pulp producers in Europe, representing more than 60 per cent of total European pulp production (36.5 million tonnes) and 13 per cent of global pulp production (173 million tonnes). Sweden is the world’s fifth largest pulp producer, and Finland is the sixth. They follow just Brazil, Canada, the United States, Chile and Indonesia. Scandinavia also has a world-class sawn wood industry, which will be the focus of follow-on articles.

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Topics: Scandinavian Forest Products Markets

US South Stumpage Price Trends by Region: May/June 2015

Posted by Joe Clark

In most of the South, stumpage price trends have been responding to the hot and dry summer weather by remaining stable or falling slightly as supply flows freely. The lone standout, however, is the West-South region, which has experienced abnormally-high rainfall since April. Prices in this area are mostly higher; pine and hardwood pulpwood prices are up by roughly 6 percent.

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2015 Fire Season: A Perfect Pacific Northwest Log Market Storm?

Posted by Greg Frohn

We are approaching the high temperatures and peak fire season of mid-summer, and there are a number of ongoing developments and considerations for those involved in the Pacific Northwest log market trade. As I travel through the territory and discuss day-to-day operations and changing trends with Forest2Market customers and seasoned industry veterans, the conversations typically involve at least one of the following topics: fires, inventories and exports/imports. And in this industry, all three of these topics are closely connected; an imbalance in one area may dramatically affect another. 

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Topics: Pacific Northwest Log Markets

North American Pulp Index Trending Lower

Posted by Daniel Stuber

The following charts are based on data from the Forestweb North American Pulp Index, which is published by Industry Intelligence. They show that pulp prices are trending lower (Figure 1) and are below their five-year average (orange dotted line in Figure 2).

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Will Changes in UK Renewable Energy Incentives Affect Pellet Demand?

Posted by Suz-Anne Kinney

Hard on the heels of a Eurostat report that listed the United Kingdom as in danger of not meeting its renewable energy targets by 2020, the U.K government announced it would stop issuing Climate Change Levy Exemption Certificates (LEC) beginning August 1, 2015.

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Topics: wood pellet demand

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